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Access Keys Information

This site is committed to ensuring that its site is accessible to all users. The accesskeys used by this site are designated as an alternative for people with disabilities.

The main content of the website is divided into three major blocks:

1. The top functional section,including Home, Site Map, Language, etc.

2. The left functional block

3. The Middle content block

4. The Lower functional block.

The Accesskeys used by this site are designated as follows:

Alt+U:Upper block, Links on the Top area.

Alt+L: Left block, containing the links to the major sections and the navigation of this site.

Alt+C:Center block, Main content area shows the content of each page.

Alt+B:Bottom block contact information, address, etc.

If your browser is Firefox, the method of using the shortcut key is Shift+Alt+(quick key letter). For example, Shift+Alt+C will jump to the center block of the web page, and so on.